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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  November 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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thousands of runners are getting ready to go the distance this morning, and we are live at the starting line for today's philadelphia marathon. and also ahead a northeast philadelphia man who was arrested two years ago for slashing tires is a arrested again. what david toledo is accused of doing this time. plus, we will have this. >> reporter: going up around the ain't lewis area as region braces for a brand jury decision on whether to charge a police officer in the hooting death of an unarm teenager. i'm omar villafranca with that story coming up. it is sunday in 23rd good morning, thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock on the dot. let check on that forecast. 30,000 runners getting ready for the marathon, carol, will they have a good day. >> i don't know if they will make their personal best but they will have good weather. >> you can only do so much. >> exactly right. >> the fact that they are up, knowing that when they went to bed last night they would wake up this morning and to have run like that is just amazing. 30,000 people would do that. and they are. in philadelphia a a lieutenant of traffic out there. let take a look outside right now and you can see we've got 41 degrees outside in reading. things are looking nice at that location. also notice how much more warmer it is this morning then it was yesterday morning and i'll show you just how much different it is. storm scan three we have a few clouds over our area right new but we will than watching for a lot more than that. we will be finding some rain moving in here and a lot of it, after midnight, you can see to the south how much rain is down there. we have to await that moving into our area.
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forty-one right now in philadelphia we have 40 in trenton. thirty-five in wilmington. thirty-five in allentown. these temperatures look cold but you know what, they are 17 degrees warmer this morning then they were yesterday morning. 23 degrees warmer. these are the difference between yesterday and today. millville it is 23 degrees warmer. almost 20 degrees warmer then it was yesterday morning in allentown yesterday and allentown, you set a new record low at 15 degrees. warm up is here for the next couple of days. 45 degrees by 9:00 a.m. by noon 51. we will close out the day in the middle 50's today and all we're looking at the this point is a couple clouds moving in. but as we hit tonight then we will have a lot different weather starting and we will talk about that record warmth possible and then the the local holiday, which may have some tricky travel associated with it because of the weather and that is just ahead, nicole. >> all right, carol, thank you. happening today as we mentioned thousands of runners
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getting ready for 21st annual philadelphia marathon. the 26-mile race will take runners throughout the city of brotherly love and our syma chowdhry is live at the benjamin franklin parkway with more on that. big day for philly, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. you card me when you say our syma chowdhry yes, our syma chowdhry is reporting bit, not actually being part of a marathon. i don't think i can do 26 miles. looking behind me that is starting line in an hour, we will have more than 30,000 people lining up and getting ready to run throughout the beautiful parts of our city. if you look to my right and pan off you will see thousands of people starting to come, line up, they are coming from the east side of the ben franklin parkway and making their way up here to get themselves ready. i'm talking about more than 30,000 people running more than 26 miles. try to wrap your head around
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that. that is a a lot of people and a lot of miles. one person for certain people are excited about today's weather as carol mentioned it is a great, mild day out here for folks. there is no rain. so people who will be part of cheering sections will be happy to hear about that. there are plenty of cheering sections around this city and, of course, as i mentioned before the runners will be passing by, monumental parts the of the city. we're talking about city hall, independence hall, lots of different places, and a lot of folks out here. there is a lot of things to do for those people out here. be part of the cheering stations you can cheer on people you don't even know. on top of that there is different booths and near the start and finish line. i can see funnel cake from here which i'm more excited b a lot of things to do. but if you are planning to come to the city this morning whether it has to do with the marathon or not, give yourself extra time and just know there are a ton of road closures out here this morning.
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but again, nicole more than 30,000 people running more than 26 miles. i'll accepted it back to you it is big. i want to shout out to my sister vicky, austin, both running in the marathon. wish them the best of luck. keep an eye out for them. all right, syma, thank you very much. it is 6:05. we do have some breaking news to share with you, controversial former washington d.c. mayor, civil rights act wrist marion barry has died. spokesperson says he passed away early this morning at a hospital in washington. barry served four terms as mayor and was reelect to city council in 2012 but he may be most remember for his... marion barry was 07 years old. and new this morning, police are investigating a shooting, in the frankford neighborhood. it happened around 1:00 a.m. in the 4600 block of penn street. three two-year old man was
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shot in the leg and taken to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition. there is no word on a suspect at this time. well, this is a story you saw first on three, david toledo made headlines two years ago when he was arrested for multiple tire slashings in mayfair. this time police say he was caught trying to vandal ice a septa a vehicle. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers was first to break this story. >> reporter: the alleged crime happened right here near toledo's oxford circle home, this time the tool of choice a glue mouse trap with nails stuck on top. >> we think he is nuts. that is not normal. the guy obviously needs help. why would you want to destroy peoples property. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: on wednesday police say toledo walk up behind a septa a vehicle park near this intersection and placed a a trap behind the tire. a septa employee was in the front seat and watched toledo walk back inside his home just up the block. >> anything at all you'd like to say. >> reporter: woman in the house shut the door when asked
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for comment. neighbors say blocks surrounding the homes have been targeted by vandalism with screws, nails, glass left in streets and driveways. >> when i heard bit, i went and checked it out and i found a few behind my house. >> reporter: police have not link toledo to those crimes. it was in may this year when he was sentenced to two years probation for slashing tires in mayfair in 2012. after prosecutors push for five to ten years in prison. >> just very happy with the outcome. >> reporter: neighbors were not as pleased. >> when you have heard that he only got probation in may were you fearful this could happen. >> i knew would it happen. knew it would happen, absolutely. >> reporter: always that fear again. >> yes, and it apparently has. >> reporter: just after 7:00 o'clock saturday evening toledo was formerly arraigned on criminal mischief charge and several other offenses. we are out identify northeast detectives, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities say a gunman on the run struck a philadelphia police officer with his getaway car in west
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kensington this happened on the 2300 block of north fair hill street where officer was respond go to a call with the person with the gun. officials say the officer suffered scrapes and abrasions and is in fair condition. the the suspect was arrested. search is on for a cause of the town house fire that killed a young man in horsham, montgomery county. flames broke out on the 300 block of green meadow lane just before 4:30 saturday morning. one unit was damaged, seven other units have wandering smoke damage. it took fire fighters an hour to contain those flames. police say a father accidentally shot and killed his adult son during a hunting trip in west windsor, new jersey. the father in his 70's mistakenly shot his 45 year-old son in the back of the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it happened on old trenton road a large farm around 4:00 yesterday. victim and his father were the only two people inside that hunting park i. they were both licensed to hunt birds. although the investigation is
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ongoing, details point to this being a very sad accident. developing right now, sources tell cbs news a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri is not expect before monday. panel is deciding whether to duty police officer for shooting death of an unarmed teenager. but as cbs news correspondent omar villafranca reports tensions remain in ferguson as anxious residents await that decision. >> reporter: barricades are going up around the courthouse in clayton, missouri, it is inside this building that a grand jury has met for more than three months, charged with deciding whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson for shoot to go death 18 year-old michael brown last august a. protests are expect, regardless of the grand jury's decision and police say they have concerns but they are ready. >> biggest concern would be that regardless of the decision that we see violence that we awe in august. if somebody, whether that is a policeman, whether that is somebody protesting and
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exercising their right that is another justly injured or killed. >> reporter: there have been fewer a dozen a rests after three straight nights of protests outside ferguson police department as tense community waits for grand jury's decision. most of the arrests came after protesters blocked traffic. >> authorities activist and even the family of michael brown are calling for calm, as the grand jury's decision draws closer. >> hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. >> reporter: 1,000 local police officers have received extra training in how to handle protesters, another 400 members of the national guard and 100 fbi agents are also on the ground here. in ferguson missouri, omar villafranca eye witt pest news. tourist in italy, listen up, why one city is banning suitcases with wheels. that is coming up next. also ahead a bizarre incident at boston's airport a man is arrested after stripping naked and assaulting
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an elderly man. snow stopped falling in buffalo but that is leading to some new concerns, why is the race to get roads and rooftops cleared off. warming up, but it comes with a catch, unfortunately rain is on the way and we're also talking about what could be some messy weather for thanksgiving travel plans we will have the latest when we come skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking?
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back now on "eyewitness news" with some slick conditions on the roads for drivers in western
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pennsylvania on saturday. freezing rain was blamed for a number of crashes throughout the pittsburgh area. officials closed sections of several highways and interstates in would spot, icy roads caused a ten car pile up. you have for kane full out there. progress to report in buffalo, new york. drivers are free to exit the new york state through way in the areas hum eld by 7 feet of snow. but a as cbs news correspondent jericka duncan explains, there is a new round of concerns. >> reporter: snow is still stopping people from getting around western new york. days after two storms dumped more than 7 feet of snow in some places, plows are out clearing streets, cars, and even trucks remain buried under several feet have of snow. officials say they have recovered more than 500 abandoned vehicles. >> our motto is, prepare for the the worst and hope for the the best and we are preparing for the the worst. >> reporter: this weekend's spring-like temperatures mixed with rain will melt heavy snow
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and cause potential flooding especially in low lying neighborhoods like west seneca that are earned ised by creeks. michelle has been a resident for more than 20 years. the last time there was a major flooding event here what did this street look like? >> it looked like the niagara river, it was just flooded, cars, icebergs were floating down the street. >> reporter: she and her son are removing items from the basement even though town has provided sandbags. >> reporter: why not use sandbags? >> well, i feel san bags for us in this area will not help. >> reporter: flooding is also a concern for restaurant owner ron spineri. >> you spray painted the word open on the mound of snow out in front. >> yes, we did. just trying to let people know that we're opened. >> reporter: he was look closed a week and lost thousands of dollars and isn't looking forward to lose more because of flooding. >> there is nothing we can do
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bit. we have to go with the flow and see what happens. >> reporter: jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:16. check on that forecast again, a lot of runners out here for the marathon, carol. will they have good weather. >> they are. no problems weather-wise today at all. i think next couple of days it is a very interesting weather on nicole, because we will get warmer weather, colder weather, maybe even a real mix in here and that would be not for a good time period. and we have the city looking very tiny behind me, isn't it this morning. but a lot of runners are out there too. we have just 30,000 people who are racing around out there and they are doing it in comfortable temperatures compared to what it was yesterday morning. we have a temperature of 41 degrees in philadelphia. forty in trenton. thirty-five in wilmington. thirty-five down in millville. as cool as those temperatures may seem we know how cold those temperatures in the teens in the last couple of days. big area of precipitation. a a lot of rain moving up in
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our area. we will start watching for. that probably after midnight tonight or close to midnight. and then on. temperatures today will be getting in the in middle 50's, and then we will get in the 70's tomorrow with that rain. 72 degrees will be our temperature, and that is tuesday, it looks okay, it will be if the 50's and then we will start to get more interesting weather coming in by the time we hit that getaway day for thanksgiving. our future rain amounts. we will start to pick them up, and some areas could be looking at a decent amount of rain, and you may find that an indecent amount of rain as we see temperatures in the 70's and we will get a lot of rain with that moisture out there. so could somebody see an inch plus, it is possible? others less than that. so now our future weather let's time this out. by the time we hit 1:00 this afternoon, no problems around here but midnight tonight notice that the rain starts to come in the area and we will start to see this rain here tomorrow. overnight. the morning rush hour could be wet. there could be enough rain you
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will find ponding out there and by the time we hit noon time tomorrow, still maybe a scattered shower or two around but the general trendies for all of this to start clearing out, tuesday looks fine and then wednesday, when everybody is making their plans to get away, travel, do whatever, that is when we will start to pick up some clouds. we may be picking up a system forming off the carolina coast. does it stay far off the coast and brush us with some rain especially areas east of i-95? does it come closer? do we get a mix as colder air gets dragged down. there are several scenarios out there in set in stone but if you just generally expect a rain/snow mix, without much in the way i think it is a small chance at this point that there is anything accumulating that you have to be dealing with we all necessity what rain and snow mixed in can do to travel. these are the future snow amounts, subject to snow a change a million time. nothing through new jersey the way things look right now and
6:19 am
little bit farther back to the west where temperatures will be colder. again, this is just an indication, it is early, the storm has not even formed. so we're just guessing, in a scientific way going for. just know wednesday could be a messy travel day. 55 degrees today for us, not a bad day to day. 48 degrees tonight. we are looking for temperatures that could be rivalling the record on monday. monday's record here is 71 degrees. it could be 72 degrees on monday. remember that heavy rain that starts tonight overnight and through the first part of the morning tomorrow with a lingering shower but generally becomes breezy and windy at the shore. tuesday 55. wednesday 40 degrees. that rain/snow mix possible and thursday thanksgiving at this point looks like it is drying out. you know, you can stay on top of the ever changing forecast by down loading the cbs philly weather april. check live radar and get weather alerts and more, it is a available now in itunes and
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google play, nicole. >> carol, thank you. there is some word that a strong earthquake in japan caused more damage then first thought. at least 37 homes have been destroyed, nearly 40 people are hurt and seven of those injuries are severe. the quake was center near site of the 1998 winter olympics. japanese officials say it was a magnitude 6.7. so far no deaths have have been reported. if you ever traveled to venice, italy leave your wheeled suitcases at home because they are banned. can you imagine, it is i leaders say suitcases being dragged around city sidewalks make so much noise many residents cannot sleep. is there concerned about the hard wheels damaging anxious mash will and stone stairways and walkways. anyone caught using a wheeled bag faces a hefty fine. wow, i need my wheeled suitcase, that is for sure. 6:20. a bizarre incident is under investigation at boston's logan airport. on saturday a man snuck in the
6:21 am
bathroom, stripped naked, climbed in the ceiling, felon to the floor and then ran out and assaulted an elderly man. yeah, can you believe it? as julie longcheck from our sister station in boston tells us the man is now charged with attempted murder. >> reporter: woman dress room in terminal c was still closed saturday night hours after a bizarre chain of events that ultimately sent an elderly man to the hospital in serious condition. state police say it began around noon when 26 year-old cameron shake entered the bathroom, took his clothes off, and climbed up into the ceiling. he then fell through the ceiling, bruised and bloody. >> unaudible. >> reporter: it is what happened next that puzzled police. he left the bathroom naked and allegedly assaulted an 84 year-old man. >> terrible, who would do that. >> reporter: the elderly man was so seriously injured shake is now charged with attempted murder. passengers are dumbfounded. >> that is crazy, crazy.
6:22 am
why anybody did not see him, stop him, and poor old man. >> reporter: with so many cameras, so many officers and tsa agents some wonder how anything like this could have happened, in an airport of all places. >> where was security? why didn't they notice anything? >> reporter: that was julie longcheck reporting. shake, by the way, will be arraigned on monday. it is 6:22 right now. a road rage incident takes a deadly turn. >> fu you are dead. you are dead. that is it. >> this new jersey man says he had no choice but to defend himself in the road rage dispute, it is happening often and coming up next what authorities say they are doing to stop it, we
6:23 am
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stats air alarming, two thirds of deadly crashes involving aggressive driving but even a crowd voiding a crash does not mean avoiding danger from an angry driver. natasha a brown shows us how police are trying to cool down these confrontations and new jersey man who says he was forced to take lethal action. >> in january a man is run off the road and murdered on i81 just over the pennsylvania state line. his killer is still at large. ape last year, in maryland a new jersey man, an off-duty detective, driving with his wife and three children used deadly force to stop another driver. >> i went to turn on to this i guess this road leading to the
6:26 am
interstate and i made the left and next thing i know i got this car up alongside me just yelling at us. >> reporter: joseph walker says driver screamed racial slurs and forced his vehicle off the road. when he got out to check his tires, two men got out of the other car and headed toward walker and their family. >> they started to get too close in ignoring what i was saying. when i could hear that they were ignoring what i was saying and came with fu, you are dead. you are dead, that is it. that is when i drew my weapon and i asked them again, just please, just go. >> reporter: then walker opened fire. >> i was in fear for me and i was in fear for my family. i had to. >> reporter: walker was charged with first degree murder, jury acquitted him agreeing that the shooting was in self-defense. >> it is just how unbelievable how have been is in a hurry to get where they aring ago this they are willing to fight with somebody because they weren't going fast enough. >> reporter: sergeant elverson handles traffic enforcement for upper merion.
6:27 am
>> we mark the area to let the public know what we're doing. >> reporter: his department and others in pennsylvania have been using federal funds to crackdown on aggressive driving. in 13 hour burst this fall, they issued more than 60 tickets. >> you cannot drive safely if you are driving aggressively. >> reporter: including speeding, tailgating, if someone does it to you, sergeant elverson says don't escalate the situation. >> it makes no sense to get out of your car for any reason over a traffic dispute. >> reporter: walker faces a civil lawsuit from the family on the man he killed. upper merion police say they will be back on the roads next thanksgiving cracking down on aggressive driving. natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:27 right now. center city is making way for some foot traffic today. we are half an hour from this, the the 21st annual philadelphia marathon. coming up next, we're live from the starting line. also ahead the good, bad when it comes to prepaid cards, consumer reporter jim
6:28 am
donovan is on your side with what is being done to make sure you are protect. dry for right now but some rain is on the way and carol also has her eye on some weather that could affect your thanksgiving day travel plans. she will break it down for
6:29 am
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we are 30 minutes away from the start of the philadelphia marathon. i'm syma chowdhry with a live report, coming up. syma is dry out there right now for those runners but a warm up is on the way and so is some rain. carol will be back to explain. it is sunday, november 23rd, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. just past 6:30. lets get to that forecast and carol. you said it will be a little bit rainy for the next couple days. >> the big news it is 30 degrees warmer then it is right now, tomorrow. >> all right. >> we have a huge warm upcoming. today milder then yesterday. we will stop in the middle 40's. today we will stop in the middle 50's with the temperatures, nice out there all day long and then we will get heavier rain coming in overnight and a warm day tomorrow. center city looks nice, clouds very interesting, we can see off in the distance, we have the sun just waking up. in fact, let's head to that distance and go all the way to margate and see waves rolling in and brightening skies.
6:32 am
beautiful day to start the day and to have your sunday. now, storm scan three, this is an area of precipitation to the south. we're not zoomed in on philadelphia here but this is what is coming in our direction. we will find a lot of rain, and that will start probably right about midnight and then go through the very first part of the morning, tomorrow, and that could impact your morning commute just because of the ponding of the roads but it will be all rain these temperatures are warm and they will stay above freezing for next couple of days. 41 degrees in philadelphia 40 in trenton. thirty-five in wilmington. so much warmer then yesterday morning. even to the north quakertown 37. doylestown 38. everyone above freezing. they are not making snow at jack frost big boulder this morning. our temperatures getting to 55 degrees. we will have a nice day again, rain starts to come in later on tonight, this is 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, eagles playing, later on this afternoon, more clouds come in. by 1:00 a.m. we will see first bits of rain coming in the
6:33 am
area and we will see it at 3:00 in the morning as well. we will finish out that time line when i come back and also talk about the possibility of some rain or some snow mixed in by wednesday, for the getaway day and how long does that linger? the questions remain, we will try to come up with someas coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. well, thousands of runners are getting ready for 21st annual philadelphia marathon. runners from all over the world will take place, in the 26-mile race through the cities most iconic landmarks. syma chowdhry is live where runners are about to take off, syma, a big, big day for our city, good morning to you. >> reporter: that is right. it is a big day for philadelphia, big day for runners. i will take a step back so you cane how many runners we're talking about here. we're 30 minutes away from the start of the philadelphia marathon and people are lining up. we're talking about more than 30,000 people running in the marathon and we're talking
6:34 am
about 26 miles, nicole. lots of running, lots of people. now we have video of what it looked like last year with lots of folks just coming down doing the same thing, they had had to come down and run past like obviously very historical parts of our city like independent hall, tourist areas like city hall, which is one of my favorite places to look at in awe. a lot of people coming from all over not even just this area or country but internationally participating in this event. a lot of folks are also mar then runners themselves. they have been doing it for years but there are some people, this is a first time, situation, for them and we talk to one group called you should be running. they are participating together. we have talked to two women in that group that never ran in a marathon ever and this is what they had to say. >> this is going to be awesome and i signed up for it and six months later, here we are, so never ran more than 10 miles. i'm not nervous a at all which is never strange to me because
6:35 am
i tend to be nervous about things. i over think things. i have such a high on the half marathon and during the practice, long runs, you just kind of train, do what you need to do, take note of the different things as you are training when to hydrate, when to take and ease up and it already says day of the marathon just enjoy the ride. >> reporter: just enjoy the ride. right now folks are just enjoying the nice, peaceful walk up until the start of the ride. now, you heard from july use and krista, they have been training for only six months. they say at the most prior to even starting to train they may have done a 5k or 10 miles but since the past six months they have been training really hard, to get in their first marathon, and do the best that they can, and they say, that anyone who is out there who is watching, who thinks, maybe i can do it, i don't know, they say you can do it.
6:36 am
they are proof. that is definitely inspirational a. they said they were excited to be part of something that they never thought they could. so that is some inspiration for you, nicole. >> you you know what, syma, i will still take a pass on this for now but maybe others will be inspire. thanks very much. 6:36 right now. on saturday hundreds took part in the years 8k event. it was first of four races leading up to today's marathon. runners there say they came with lots of fun. >> having all of the spectators and everybody running around you, it is just so much fun. everybody should run. >> run ten minute miles which is really good for us. we're moms. we're in the used to running. we're doing pretty good now. >> good for them. >> jim of pittsburgh won have mens race with 23 minutes and 412th. alice of new york, won would the men's race with a time of 26 minutes, and 21 seconds.
6:37 am
that is really fast, by the the way. for complete race coverage including a list of event and road closures just head over to our web site at cbs well, strong show of support in center city for president obama a's plan to fix the immigration system. fill community leaders praise president's decision to use an executive order to implement his plans. it will allow up to 5 million undocumented parents of u.s. citizens or legal permanent residents to stay in the country and work. republican leaders say that the president is over stepping his authority bye-bye passing congress. owners of the trump taj mahal are making a last ditch effort to keep struggling atlantic city casino opened. trum entertainment is offering to keep casino opened and restore health insurance for two years n return the company wants workers union to drop the appeal of the court order that canceled health and pension benefits. the taj mahal plans to close its doors december 12th.
6:38 am
well, believe it or not holiday shopping is here, and prepaid credit cards are becoming increasingly popular which has a federal agency pushing for some of the same protections consumers have when using other cards. three on your side jim donovan looks at those proposed changes. >> reporter: prepaid cards have advantages to many consumers especially to those who have struggled with credit card debt, over spending and overdraft fees. they also offer consumers the ability to make transactions on line without a credit card and become popular among millennials hesitant to take on debt. but the cards present some problems. although some customers link their prepaid cards to the bank account to manage cash flow with more ease they lack protections of the bank issued debit card. that is why consumer financial protection bureau wants to implement new rules including better disclose another of terms and fees which is often buried in fine print.
6:39 am
better access to account information, cfpb proposed periodic statements or greater on line access. protection as begins errors, unauthorized transactions and lost or stolen cards. the cfpb is taking public comment on the rules and will draft a final version after that period closes in february. in the meantime be sure to carefully review the terms of prepaid cards especially fee disclosures for things like atm transactions which can add up quickly. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. and coming up next on "eyewitness news" just ahead of the holiday how the true meaning of thanksgiving was on display in south jersey. also ahead a discovery at philadelphia international airport, prompts a warning from agricultural officials, and an insect that is considered one of the most destructive in the world, we will explain.
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former representative, gabriel giffords explodes the l dell tore owe, bike race. she rode with mark kelly and a friend. gifford was shot in the head in the 2011 tucson mass shooting and suffer parallel zest on the right side. she was a avid cyclist even riding the day before the shooting. good for her. thanksgiving came early for south jersey residents, a special event that provided not only a delicious meal but
6:43 am
as natasha brown reports it highlighted the true you meaning of the holidays. >> yes. >> at least a hundred volunteers and a five star chef helped make this the perfect thanksgiving day dinner for hundreds of south jersey residents. the church in winslow township new jersey is providing a thanksgiving meal filled with turkey and fixins for those who may be dining alone or not at all this thanksgiving day. >> really what we want is to not only give people food but restore human dignity. we want to make sure it is done in an environment where that is not focusing on your needs but an environment focusing on loving you. >> they have the greatest macaroni and cheese i have ever eaten, the turkey was stuffed really, really good. they had string beans, mashed potatoes. >> reporter: more than 200 folks enjoyed inspirational music with their dinner. this dinner won't end here, all of the guests enjoyed a to
6:44 am
go bag filled with recipes and groceries to make their own thanksgiving day meal with their loved ones. >> after this is over they will give you a thanksgiving dinner to take home so you can feed your family also. that is a gift from god. >> reporter: natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 6:44 right now. this was fourth year for the perfect thanksgiving, perfecting church meets at washington township high school every sunday morning. they have a great time, that is for sure. all right. lets get a check of that forecast, carol, how is it going. >> beautiful day to day, as they make snow yesterday, i was showing thaw yesterday, and here's the result, they were skiing down here as well. this is a ski slope a a lot of it was made by the people here, not mother nature. mother nature may try to get a hand in this also on wednesday but no guarantee of that also. we will move to the shore. it looks beautiful there this morning. atlantic city looking lovely with our little ribbon have light going on in the skies, and they look great. we will head out to the cape may courthouse area and we
6:45 am
will see a temperature of 41 degrees. that sun coming up looks like a painting. just a beautiful start to the day. we will see an ugly finish and that will be overnight tonight, and first thing tomorrow. we have got a big area of precipitation to the south that will be moving in our direction and we will be finding these rain showers, coming in here and we could be dealing with some rounds of heavier rain especially overnight and first part of the day tomorrow. otherwise i think first thing you'll notice walking outside this morning is how much more warmer it is this morning then it was yesterday morning. we have had record cold in allentown yesterday a at 15 degrees. now they are up to 35 degrees. so a huge change in those temperatures and we could be dealing with record heat, if you will, by the time we get to monday with temperatures getting very close to the record, record here in philadelphia is 71 degrees. we might be right about that level tomorrow. forty-one at the the airport right now, we have 37 degrees down in millville. thirty-nine up in the poconos. forty-three in wildwood. comfortable start to the day,
6:46 am
we are often not able to say that this time of the year and especially maybe this year. partly sunny skies expect for to us day. as we go through the day we will get in the middle 50's, a warm front comes through here and boy, does it ever, these temperatures for one day we have one day of warmth and that is coming tomorrow, temperatures getting right around 70 degrees, could be as high as 72 or could we even squeeze out 73 degrees? that would be great. it does come with the rain tomorrow. then a cold front comes through here. that will be on tuesday, we will get temperatures dropping back down in the 50's and then we will get another scenario coming up for wednesday. now lets get through the rain on monday first. this is computer model that i just clicked by very quickly but what it was indicating was that most everybody under an inch of rain but there could be a couple spots where we pick up around an insurance or so of rain but could lead to some ponding overnight and first part of the day tomorrow. as we get through time, this is our future weather, note that is we will start to pick up some rain at midnight, we will start to see this
6:47 am
overnight. this is the overnight time period. we will start to see just maybe a lingering shower but generally the trendies to be clearing out on monday. warm day, tuesday, it looks fine. and then wednesday, two scenarios and none of them are set up, looking at four computer models none with the same idea for wednesday. is it all rain, rain/snow mix. it is significant a accumulating snow does not look like a likelihood at this point at all but just know that but that is wednesday and that is a getaway day. that is a bigger problem for the who will will day 567895 in philadelphia 55 at the shore. forty-eight in the poconos. great in all location is today. tonight we will drop down to 48 degrees. it will be raining overnight and it will be raining to start the morning, tomorrow, then gets breezy, warm, and then on tuesday, 55 degrees, wednesday, we will get some rain, we will get some snow mix in there. we will still call that one because that storm has not formed along the coast. and should be drying out, should be drying out by
6:48 am
thursday, 43 degrees. and then over the weekend it is just cold for the shopping. you know, one of the most invasive insects species, they are still out there, has landed in philadelphia. and stopping this tiny bug before it can do damage to the u.s. grain industry is a huge job. and philadelphia international airport, you better believe they are on alert. >> reporter: conveyor belt of bags, millions of bags and luggage of every type, every year arriving on international flights into philadelphia, what is inside of those personally packed bags, not just the owners business but also, more than important to the people with the rubber gloves. the customs and border protection officers. >> we are the first line of defense and we don't wanting to through that. >> reporter: instead they go through international luggage carefully not to see shirts, underwear but to find agricultural products that might contain this tiny destructive capra beetle. twice the bug came into fill
6:49 am
with dried goods carried bypass eveningers on middle earn flights. >> if we didn't stop it, we would have to refocus what we grow in this country because they would devastate our crops. >> reporter: agents, including mar yen, inspect every bag. notice the beetle and prohibited agriculture product inside. he cannot smell the beetle or any other insect the nose knows the grain the bugs would like. through this door any product found that could hurt u.s. crops goes inside, pasted another locked door and after a hands on inspection in tie huge garbage disposal. this is hidden agricultural lab at the airport. if the beetle or other insect is very large, and very small, aren't stopped here. >> you could end up with such a great infestation, we could in the stop it. >> i don't have a beat until my luggage. >> reporter: do you know what one is. >> in. >> reporter: to keep from it being a u.s. household name or pest, every airport agent is on alert, for the the suitcase
6:50 am
traveling insect. and because it is the holiday, we are going to be stopping a lot of people. they ask you first on these international flights do you have any of this stuff but they are going to be bringing a a lot of people through that agricultural screening a lot of time to process. >> but it is, but it is so important because this thing could decimate the u.s. grain industry. >> sound important. >> thanks, carol, appreciate it. 6:50. the lets check on the roads with ann, good morning, ann. >> good morning nicole and carol to take is the day of the philadelphia marathon and ben franklin mark way is the place. you can see the people milling around getting ready to start. kick autopsy at 7:00. ben franklin parkway shut down between 16th street and art museum circle with the vine street expressway east and westbound at ben franklin parkway. schuylkill eastbound jammed is closed a at spring garden street for the marathon, 95 southbound closed at columbus boulevard, for the marathon, kelly drive, closed in the art museum circle and lincoln drive and martin luther king drive closed between parkway and the falls bridge.
6:51 am
all on to the vine street expressway right here eastbound as you can see that is slow, one long line of cars between ben franklin parkway and broad street. heavy traffic on the broad street ramp for the race. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center now nicole back to you. still to come, eagles look to extend their home winning streak to ten games a against the titans. leslie van arsdal has a preview up next.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! hosting the titans.
6:54 am
bird won nine straight games and looking to rebound from last sunday's beat down at lambeau. shady mccoy needs a break out game to take pressure off of mark sanchez, last seasons rushing champ is averaging a career low 3.7 yards per carry a and has just two, 100 plus yard game and tennessee has one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. >> always just, something small here, something small here. almost, almost. so i feel like it is coming together. i think only time that we really get stopped is when he we make mistakes. >> well, you can see the game this afternoon at 1:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. flyers at the center last night hosting columbus. orange and black looking to end a four game skid. game tied, claude giroux to mark street for a shot, and then come the rebound giving the flyers a a two-one lead. in the second period flyers with the man advantage jay voracek with the puck
6:55 am
shoots, and collects the rebound and scores. flyers with the two goal lead. third per columbus cut the lead three -two but flyers would make it a two goal lead. brayden coburn scoring his first goal of the year, flyers win it four-two. innings isers at madison square garden taking on the nets, brett brown's squad looking for their first win of the season. third quarter sixers down by seven, tony wroten hits the jumper. nerlens noel comes up and scores. he had 17-point and 12 boards but they could not contain carmelo anthony down the stretch. that is base line yum per scoring 25 points. sixers lose their 13th straight game 91-83 the final. to college football penn state back in action after beating temple last week they are on the road taking on illinois, fourth quarter, knicks trailing by three, hand off to lynch finding the seems up the middle. 47-yard score right there. penn state regains the lead. that is in the final second of
6:56 am
the game, illinois kicker david ricer making a 36-yard field goal with 82nd left. penn state loses 16-14. villanova/delaware hand off to kevin, scoring a 2-yard touchdown. wildcats beat blue hens 35-28. they will likely earn a first round bye in the playoffs. lafayette taking on lehigh, 150th meeting between the schools, most played rivalry in football this was all lafayette. paul sherman rushing for 304 yards, three touchdowns. they beat mountain hawks 27-ten. to college hoops now, over on hawk hill, hawk will never die, st. joes taking on vermont. he hits the jumper. he led hawks with 23 points. st. joes rebound from their worse loss ever to beat vermont 68-50. >> lasalle beat st. peters and temple lost to u.n. lv. that is sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day.
6:57 am
go birds. >> 6:56 right now. mourning a family tragedy, coming up how a community is coming together to share their grief. plus we're minutes away from the start of the philadelphia marathon we will have a live report from the starting line. carol says we could see some record high warmth tomorrow but it could be down hill from there, stay with us, "eyewitness news" continues after this. ♪ there's confidence... then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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and they're off, happening right now the start of the 2014 philadelphia marathon, thousands of elite runners getting started on a 26-mile journey. our syma chowdhry is live at the starting point with more on. that. first on 3a northeast philadelphia a man arrested two years ago for slashing tires is once again in trouble with the law. david toledo is arrested again. we will explain. and a live look at center sit friday campbell's field, we are getting readied for possible record breaking warmth tomorrow but there could be travel troubles ahead this week. just in time for the holiday. we will break it down. it is sunday november 23rd good morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 o'clock on the dot. lets get a check of the forecast and already we are warmer today then yesterday, car will ol. >> we are a lot warmer and a it feels so


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